Jason Bahling's video projections revel in the physicality of time, light and space to create moving landscapes, altered realities, and evocative textures that conceptually augment and visually enhance live performances of many genres.


4Chambers Press Video.  An immersive dance piece created with Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects. Jason Bahling produced and ran all video elements including an audience driven and interactive video installation.


Shifting Ground, Hado and RE: JOYCE

Performed at CounterPULSE in San Francisco CA. Jason Bahling was in charge of setting up and running the projection design with 4 different projectors. 


Space Garbage

Space Garbage is one of Jason's favorite multimedia dance pieces made as co-director of LizzieMoves Dance Co. Created while in residence at The Garage in San Francisco.  The full length 60 minute show was performed in SF, and toured to NYC - all to sold out audiences! 


Jason Bahling was the resident video artist for the chamber music organization "Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society" based in San Francisco, CA and Madison, WI. He was hired to create video projections to accompany live performances of both classical and contemporary composers.  Jason produced  3 video art projections for his first residency and was invited back for a second year where he was commissioned to create 3 more video art projections.


Daisy B's Exploding Red Tomatoes 

This is the first full length multimedia dance piece that Jason Bahling worked on with Lizzie Karr of  LizzieMoves Dance Co.  It was sown at Bamboo Grove in Portland Oregon and a work in progress was shown in Tacoma, WA.