Video Artist and Color Extroardinaire

Jason Bahling is a videographer, installation, and time based artist from Brooklyn, NY. His videos have shown in numerous galleries, film festivals, theaters, and venues throughout the world. While he actively works at the broadcast level in post-production as a colorist and editor, Jason primarily enjoys collaborating with choreographers, musicians, and theatre companies. His work has shown on ESPN, EPIX, NBC, American Public Television, Amazon, Netflix, Vevo, Times Square, and more. These videos and films have featured a plethora of A-list musicians such as Cyndi Lauper, Niles Rogers, Harry Belafonte, to name a few, and many of the biggest stars in sports, both past and present.

Recent notable productions Jason has contributed to include: Lead Editor, Colorist and Screenwriter for “Between Yourself and Me,” a performative documentary about immersive theater featuring the oeuvre of Third Rail Projects; Director of Photography, Lead Editor and Colorist for "Here Now with Sally Gross," and "Circling" both featuring Sally Gross and directed by Emmy nominated Douglas Rosenberg; Online Editing and Color Grading for Marta Renzi’s feature film “Her Magnum Opus,” featuring Aileen Passloff; projection design for the immersive theater piece "4CHAMBERS" with Jody Oberfelder Dance; Director of Photography and Editor for "Daughter" as well as projection design for “HADO,” both in collaboration with Li Chiao-Ping Dance; a short adaptation of Heidi Latsky Dance’s “IF” that screened one time per hour for a month straight on a Times Square “jumbotron” at 34th Street and Broadway.  He is currently collaborating with Ron Hansa/Moving Pictures on a performative documentary featuring Joana Haigood’s site-specific dance “Invisible Wings.”

Jason Bahling is also 1/5 partner in The Notion Collective.  A multidisciplinary conceptual art collective that creates pieces in web art, public art, social practice art, video art, installation art... basically whatever medium suits the concepts they are exploring through their work. Check out some of their portfolio at: