Video Artist and Color Extroardinaire

Jason Bahling is a videographer, installation, and time based artist currently living in Brooklyn NY. His videos (both single channel and installation) have shown in numerous galleries, film festivals, theaters, and venues throughout the world. While he has actively participated in most arenas of freelance video design and big budget film production, Jason primarily enjoys collaborating with choreographers, musicians, and theatre companies. 

Jason Bahling is also 1/5 partner in The Notion Collective.  A multidisciplinary conceptual art collective that creates pieces in web art, public art, social practice art, video art, installation art... well pretty much whatever medium suits the concept they are exploring.  Check out some of their work at

Notable productions he has contributed to include "Here Now with Sally Gross," Aroma/5 Senses," and "Circling" with Emmy nominated Doug Rosenberg, "4CHAMBERS" with Jody Oberfelder Dance, Take-Off and "Daughter" with Li Chiao-Ping Dance, Overviews and Interviews with Jin-Wen Yu Dance The Three Penny Opera with UW-Theatre. In 2007 and 2008 he was an artist in residence for The Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society providing projection design for a unique and divergent selection of 6 different chamber compositions performed by world class musicians.